Pregnancy Countdown Collection

Pregnancy Countdown Collection

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This greenery Pregnancy Moment and countdown Cards are perfect to capture the important memories in your pregnancy and development. Enjoying counting down the time left being pregnant.

They make the perfect baby shower gift to any expecting mother.

Set of 36 cards.

  • 34 weeks to go
  • 28 weeks to go
  • 26 weeks to go
  • 24 weeks to go
  • 22 weeks to go
  • 20 weeks to go
  • 18 weeks to go
  • 16 weeks to go
  • 14 weeks to go
  • 12 weeks to go
  • 10 weeks to go
  • 8 weeks to go
  • 6 weeks to go
  • 4 weeks to go
  • 2 weeks to go
  • 0 weeks to go
  • We are having a baby
  • Date Predictions
  • Names
  • Today we heard your heartbeat
  • Today is my due date
  • Its my baby shower today
  • Hospital bag is packed and ready to go
  • Your nursery is ready for you
  • Today I felt you kick
  • It's a boy
  • It's a girl
  • Your first outfit
  • Your first photo
  • Your first family photo
  • Can't wait to meet you
  • Where did my feet go!?
  • As of today anything I drop on the ground stays there!
  • Today i sneezed and peed at the same time
  • I am finally Earthside

Buying for a gift?

I can also attach a custom personalised note to orders which can by addressed from you, just add it in the notes at checkout or message me right after you've placed the order.

This print will be printed on an A6 250gsm white thick paper, this way it will last longer and less likely to tear.